Moonchers – Seeds for the Future

Moonchers – Seeds for the Future

‘“A seed knows how to wait… a seed is alive while it waits.” 

Hope Jahren

It is good to tap into some nice, creative and positive energy in these strange times. We are using this “slow living” to plan, to design, to plant new projects and we are most happy to invite you to do it with us…

Each project designed by Moonluza starts with a thematic seed which, like wine, goes through a maturation process to become a fruitful and inspired whole. The range of projects is as big as the imagination can go and still more..


This year will continue with the special Vouchers called by us Moonchers, seeds, which are beneficial for all of us and which in some way will ‘subconsciously programme you’ for participating in one of our projects in 2021 or 2022.

There are 3 options/fees of the vouchers:

50EUR Mooncher – corresponds with 5% discount over the chosen project’s total fee (for 2021 or 2022)

100EUR Mooncher – corresponds with 10% discount over the chosen project’s total fee (for 2021 or 2022)

200EUR Mooncher – corresponds with 20% discount over the chosen project’s total fee (for 2021 or 2022)

How they work:

Vouchers can be acquired along the coming weeks. The payment can be done as always by bank transfer or via PayPal. After the payment, the Voucher with your name on it will be sent to you by email (PDF version, but we also have the register of all the Vouchers). It can be used for any project you like (will like) planned for 2021 (or 2022 if nothing ‘calls’ you in 2021). When you register for a chosen project and use your Voucher it means automatically a discount of 2%, 5%, 10% or 20% (depending on the Voucher) over the total fee. The total amount will also be reduced by the amount of the paid Voucher (50, 100 or 200EUR).



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