Portugal on Azulejo tiles – workshop for women


Portugal on Azulejo tiles - workshop for women

14-17 October 2021

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

 Thomas Merton

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Designed by a Polish woman that has been living in Portugal for nearly 15 years for women from all around the world. A 3-day gathering on Portugal’s Sunny Coast, in a charming seaside town of Estoril, 25 kms west of Lisbon.

With guidance from an experienced Azulejo-painting teacher, using traditional, or your own, colours and designs, you can express your impressions on tiles. These unique Azulejos will be your personal and original souvenir from the journey, a very special and memorable decoration for your home.

The programme also includes excursion along the Sunny Coast: to the westernmost point of mainland Europe at Cabo da Roca; Azenhas do Mar, to magical, fairy-tale Sintra and and afternoon in the ‘city of light’ Lisbon;

The magnificent Sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean will leave you with the longing to return… Saudades.

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More information: info@moonluza.pt