Moonchers- Sementes para o Futuro

Moonchers- Sementes para o Futuro

‘“A seed knows how to wait… a seed is alive while it waits.” 

Hope Jahren



Our 7th Anniversary is just around the corner and as every year we have a small offer prepared.

This year will continue with the special Mooncher of 50EUR,  a seed, which will than grow into a nice project with us. Moonchers can be acquired till 10.06.2021 and can be used till the end of 2025.

It works as a small deposit, which is than reduced from the total fee of the chosen event, but at the same time offers a small 5% discount over the total fee and participation in all the online virtual walks with storytelling, which will be hold  until the end of 2021…

The acquired MOONCHER needs to be nourished, surrounded by very positive vibes. It will make your bond with Moonluza and Portugal stronger and open a little secret pathway to Moonluzan World😘…

How it works:

Mooncher can be acquired along the coming weeks. The payment can be done as always by bank transfer or via PayPal. After the payment, the Moocnher with your name on it will be sent to you by email (PDF version, but we also have the register of all the Moonchers). It can be used for any project you like (will like) planned and they are valid till the end of 2025.

Moonchers can be acquired till 10.06.2021


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