International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy

„Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”

Robin Moore

‘Sintra is Europe’s most beautiful farewell, when it finally meets the sea’ Vergílio Ferreira

Every Spring fairytale-like Sintra hosts the International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy, a project born from Moonluza’s founder’s passion and interest in fairytales, stories, myths, legends and their therapeutic potential. Adriana divides her life between Portugal, where she lives and Poland, which she misses. This nostalgia led her to discover and actually experience the fairy-tale therapy for herself, through writing a fairy-tale based in legends from her home village and mountains. Writing the story was her way to travel back to her home mountains, forests and rivers of beautiful southern Poland. Letting imagination run free, it made a bridge between childhood haven and her new homeland of Portugal and the magical, inspirational town of Sintra, which she fell in love with.

Creating her own fairy-tale became her therapy and helped shape her own place in Portugal and no wonder that one of Moonluza’s first and dearest projects is the International Seminar on fairy-tale and Storytelling Therapy, based, of course, in Sintra….

Programmes of the Seminar are shaped round the theme of fairytale and storytelling therapy offering a richness and variety of interpretations, methods, adaptations and ways of working with tales, stories and myths. The gathering in Sintra is all about sharing, workshops, presentations, conversations and of course it always includes Storytelling evening and discovery of Sintra’s magic.

It is an organic project, where one year’s participants come as presenters the next year and presenters join as participants.

The very first Seminar took place in 2015 and ever since it feels like a ‘Sintran tribe’ , which gathers every Spring and always welcomes newcomers.

And the atmosphere created as much by Moonluza, Sintra as by all the presenters and participants is quite unique and we do honour and value it as it allows us to really dive into the themes. Therefore the number of places is limited.

Below you can find the details regarding the next Sintra Seminar and if you wish to learn more about the previous editions, please visit Past Projects.

  Seminar 2024

18-23 March 2024

Sintra, Portugal

More info: HERE