About us

We are a company where unique projects are born; where cultures connect; where tourism is enriched by art, learning and history.

Everything starts with a thematic seed which, like wine, goes through a maturation process to become a fruitful and inspired whole.

Find a new perspective on cultural tourism and a new interpretation of the art of travel. Enjoy a place full of passion, which we share with our guests.

Events organised by Moonluza take our participants on unforgettable, refreshing, insightful and extraordinary journeys.



Our Projects

Projects and events by Moonluza are developed with great commitment, passion and total dedication. We pay attention to every detail and element to ensure exceptional quality.

Careful preparation of the project is preceded by deep research and study of the main theme. An events programme is then built around this theme, combining elements of tourism, culture and education, all set in the picturesque, breathtaking scenery.

Following the principles of cultural tourism, our events bring unequalled, memorable experiences.

We offer: Cultural Study Trips, Thematic projects, Workshops, Conference organization, Retreats, non-official Translations and Personalized programmes.

Check our upcoming event and visit our atelier.


Faia the Wolf

loboAs Morgan Freeman we also do believe that any random act of kindness can help change the world and we are most proud to inform you that since October 2016 Moonluza has become one of the ‘adoptive mothers’ of a beautiful wolf lady called FAIA.

Faia lives in the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre (IWRC) in Portugal. The Centre was established in 1987 with the aim of providing a safe environment in captivity for wolves that are unable to live in the freedom of the wild. Our Faia was born already in the Centre in 2008. She is a very curious wolf and let herself be observed by the visitants of the centre. So who knows, maybe during one of our projects you would visit her and her friends with us?

We do hope that this is one of the first of many projects in which Moonluza will be participating. All this is possible thanks to all of you who choose to participate in our projects and by doing that help us to contribute to protect the nature and all its inhabitants.