Sintra, Magic and Moonluza

Sintra, Magic and Moonluza

‘Sintra is Europe’s most beautiful farewell, when it finally meets the sea’

Vergílio Ferreira

When during his visit to Portugal in 1866 Hans Christian Andersen visited Sintra spending there two weeks, he wrote that ‘every foreigner finds in Sintra a piece of his homeland.’ I found Poland here and I feel it more in the autumn when the forests of Sintra dress in all colors. I go for my walks and just like as my homeland, I feel I am in a  fairy tale ….

Sintra witnessed almost every period in the history of Portugal, or even of Humanity. Called Holy Mountain or Mountain of the Moon it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Often considered the capital of romanticism, for centuries its beauty has enchanted foreign travelers and those passionate about its landscape. Every person who comes to Sintra, is, even if only for a moment, transported back in time, has a unique encounter with history, with legends and enters a magical world.

It is hard to believe that in such a small town there are so many palaces, castles, monasteries, churches, parks and properties with wonderful stories. It is worth getting off the tourist tracks to discover incredible places, full of magic, painting and Azulejo tiles ateliers, abandoned properties with stories and legends….

It is definitely worth dedicating some days to visiting Sintra (but even so it is never enough) to get to know it and to feel its magical environment. You can take advantage of the joint tickets and visit the National Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Pena Palace and The Moorish Castle. It is also worth following a slightly longer trail and discover the Monserrate Palace and its gardens and Capuchos Convent before finally reaching the westernmost point of continental Europe – Cabo da Roca. No one can be indifferent to the beauty and charm of Sintra.

I myself have long been enchanted by its beauty and hence the name of the company – Moonluza, inspired by the Moon Mountain. Moonluza is my own place in Portugal, my ‘Projects and Events Cellar’, which interconnects the elements of culture, tourism, tradition and education. Sintra hosts many of Moonluza’s initiatives, including one which is very special for me -The International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy. The first edition took place in March 2015 and brought to Portugal from various parts of the world therapists, psychologists, writers, storytellers, academics and other enthusiasts of this theme. Now it is one of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar.

I love sharing ‘my Sintra’ with the participants of our projects and I really enjoy discovering it all over again through their eyes. So I now extend a warm invitation to join us for one of our projects or to create with us a dream project.

Adriana Jurczyk Duarte, Diretor

Translation of parts of the interview given for ‘Markowa Turystyka’