Andersen in Sintra

Andersen in Sintra

„It is said that everone finds in Cintra a part of his fatherland.I found Denmark here and I thought too to rediscover many dear places from other fair lands.”

Hans Christian Andersen

In March 2017 the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen ‘returned” to the beautiful town of Sintra, which he fell in love with on his journeying through the Iberian Peninsula in 1866.
His reputation, his travels and the works which resulted from them, will be honoured through presentations and discussions during this International Conference on Hans Christian Andersen and his excursions in the genre of the romantic travelogue, which will also cover Literary Tourism, ie. following the trail of a famous writer like Andersen from a  more theoretical perspective.

The idea for this conference was born in 2015, when Moonluza’s Director, Adriana Jurczyk Duarte met a delegation from the Hans christian Andersen Center at a Seminar in Portugal, and they decided to bring the memory of the Danish writer and his work back to this beautiful country in Southern Europe. The Conference will gather together Andersen scholars and aficionados from all over the world for a three-day meeting filled with wonderful presentations and unique moments, discovering Hans Christian Andersen’s trail in Portugal and other parts of Europe. It aslo reflected on his writings about these travels and the act of following these trails as a literary tourist. One full day was devoted to Andersen’s 1866 visit in Portugal.