Travelling to find ourselves

Travelling to find ourselves

‘Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself ‘

Holstee Manifesto

We all want to live an extraordinary life and to leave our footprint on the world. We all have beautiful, big dreams, lots to give and to share with the world. But…

Most of us get stuck somewhere in mid-life; some vegetate seeing the days passing, others delude themselves that everything is fine and that this is a very happy life. There are millions of versions of how we act when we get to the crossroads of what we want, what we are, what others think of us, what others accept from us… and all the other whats and whys. We seem to go round in circles, and stop actually living, hoping that things will sort themselves out, that someone or something will show us THE way. It might happen, but it might not; we might feel that this was not really our path, not really our choice…

So how do we get out from feeling stuck, how do we move forward, how do we know the ‘best’ way and where to go?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, no crystal-clear solutions, but there is something that can be very helpful and enlightening. Simply moving, travelling and going on a journey can really change our lives and bring us much closer to our purpose, to ourselves. By that I mean all sorts of travelling – journeys to the most distant places on the planet, to the most unique ones, or merely walks around our own villages, towns and cities but with an open heart and a new perspective or journey to our inner self. It is so refreshing and so fascinating if we would only let ourselves just see, listen, feel and contemplate what is around us…

Who knows – we might even find ourselves during these journeys?

Moonluza, like every journey, started with one decision, one step and then a leap of faith into the unknown, into a new path – my path. Every project and every person who contributes and takes part helps to create another chapter of a whole story that then becomes Moonluza’s tale. I am extremely happy and very grateful that our interweaving projects and criss-crossing paths help us all find our way. It is truly amazing and gives us strength and motivation and inspiration to create even more!

Journeys, travelling and stories are the magic ingredients of so many of our initiatives….

Adriana Jurczyk Duarte

On the photo below: Hans Christian Andersen’s travelling equipment