Scottish Country Dancing Weekend in Portugal

Scottish Country Dancing Weekend in Portugal

‘Scottish Country Dancing is first of all a social pastime, it requires some use of the brain, it is very good exercise and it is performed to very energising music which is also very beautiful: so it is social, mental, physical and emotional all wrapped up in one! ‘

Muriel Johnstone

The ‘December Weekend in Portugal’ will return to same town –Curia – and to the same hotel – the Curia Palace – for its sixth edition as it has already become a home for our SCD weekends in Portugal.

The Bairrada region, where Curia is situated, is a popular wine-growing district in Portugal, known also for its delicious gastronomy and beautiful landscapes.

The Curia Palace Hotel, with its Belle-Epoque and Art Nouveau styled rooms, is not only a beautiful place to stay, but has a magnificent wooden-floor ballroom. It is in this setting  that we will enjoy a weekend programme including two balls with live music by Muriel Johnstone (piano) and Ian Robertson (fiddle), SCD classes with Raphaelle Orgeret and a taste of the local gastronomy and wines.

The idea of this project was born from Moonluza’s Director – Adriana Jurczyk Duarte – passion for Scottish Country Dancing.

See you in December!

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And here are some memories from our last gathering in Curia: