IV International Seminar on Fairy-tale and Storytelling Therapy- March 2018


IV International Seminar on Fairy-tale and Storytelling Therapy- March 2018

20-24 March 2018

„Each of us has a family tree full of stories inside of us… each of us has a story blossoming out of us.”

Francesca Lia Block


Sintra’s magic called us to return with the fourth International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy, to share experiences, to share stories….

Our fourth gathering took place from 20 to 24 March 2018. It was another opportunity to bring together specialists, academics, therapists, storytellers and other enthusiasts of fairy-tales and storytelling, and their therapeutic and healing potential.

As in previous years the Seminar had the institutional support and patronage of the Municipality of Sintra, the Institute for the Study and Tradition of Nova University of Lisbon, the National Center of Culture and Family Vineyards Cortes de Cima.

To know more about the previous editions visit Past Projects


Sandplay Therapy: Introductory Training

Olga Lipadatova, Phd, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Teacher and Supervisor, Canada


Therapeutic Storytelling: Addressing Challenging Behaviour and Traumatic Situations through the Medium of Story

Susan Perrow, M.ED, Writer, storyteller, teacher trainer and parent educator, Australia


Pre-Seminar and Seminar Speakers

Olga Lipadatova  holds Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapies, Arts Therapy, and a Ph.D from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. She is the recipient of a Federal research grant for her Ph.D. research focused in working with immigrants using Jungian Psychology and Sandplay Therapy. Since 2003, Olga worked in Mental Health and community organizations, and in private practice as a psychotherapist, art therapist, and a counselor. For a number of years she served as a board member of the Art and Sandplay therapy Associations, and presently, as the president of the Canadian Association of Sandplay Therapy. Olga is a Certified Supervisor and Teaching Member of Canadian Association of Sandplay Therapy and the International Society of Sandplay Therapy and works in Canada and abroad. Since 2014, Olga works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Guelph, Ontario and conducts Art Therapy groups. Olga is an advocate of the storytelling through art and sandplay expression as a method of helping to make individual and social change in life.  More information: Arttherapy Olipa

Pre- Seminar Workshop’s title: Sandplay Therapy – Introductory Training

Seminar Presentation’s title: Myth of Demeter and Persephone: Loss and grief in immigration expressed through Sandplay Therapy


Susan Perrow is a writer, storyteller, teacher trainer and parent educator, with a combined 16 years experience teaching in Steiner schools in both Australia and Africa. In 2000 she developed the first course on Storytelling for an Australian University (S.C.U.). and completed her Masters Research on Storytelling in a cross-cultural situation (post-apartheid South Africa). From 2001 to 2003 she was funded by the Australian Government to pilot creative courses and storytelling resources for children with challenging behaviour. Today her time is spent writing, running seminars on therapeutic storytelling and consulting with teachers, parents and therapists. She travels internationally – from China to Africa, Europe to America and across her own sun-drenched land of Australia.  Her two resource books, ‘Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour’, and ‘Therapeutic Storytelling’ have been translated into many languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Croatian, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. More information:  Susan Perrow

Pre- Seminar Workshop’s title: Therapeutic Storytelling: Addressing Challenging Behaviour and Traumatic Situations through the Medium of Story

Seminar Presentation’s title: The Healing Power of Story Language and the Imagination

Maria Dulce Gonçalves has a PhD in Educational Psychology, with a background in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology. For thirty years, since 1987, she has been teaching at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Psychology, training teachers and teaching young psychologists, especially in the field of Educational Counseling and Learning Difficulties. In 2011, she created the IDEA Project, linking research and social intervention (IDEA is the Portuguese acronym of Investigação de Dificuldades para a Evolução na Aprendizagem, meaning, Research on Difficulties for Learning Evolution). Project IDEA continuously works on the ground, enrolling new and old students from de University into field research, teacher training and psychoeducational interventions. A growing number of Educational Psychologists and volunteers regularly works in schools and municipalities, with individual students, small groups of children, young people, their teachers and parents, always involving the educational community, proposing new IDEA’s, new procedures, demonstrating results, even with very simple and affordable materials. Project IDEA’s mission: to challenge common sense ideas about learning difficulties, to improve learning, rethink school and teaching methods.  More information: LISPSI

Presentation’s title: Can difficulties be harmful or helpful…?  Using short stories to prevent, reframe and overcome failure in school: the experience of Project IDEA in Portugal. 


Susan McCullough worked for 23 years as a school counselor in the Florida (USA) public schools and 5 years in an international school in Germany. She began telling stories in 2001. With Master’s degrees in both Counseling (1988) and Education (2001), Susan became skilled not only in telling stories for entertainment but also for therapeutic use in both the counseling office for group and individual counseling and in the classroom for character education and classroom guidance lessons. In addition to performance and therapeutic use, Susan’s storytelling interests include storytelling for ESL, literacy, and classroom use across the middle and high school grades. She earned her Master’s in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University in 2016 and is now a freelance storyteller. More information: Susan McCullough 

Presentation ’s title: Running Away with Hansel & Gretel: A case study in small group counseling


Janice Russel and Keziah Gibbons are a crack Tarot-reading mother and daughter duo from the UK. Janice has used Tarot for over 30 years for personal and professional development. She works extensively with recovery from trauma and transitional development. She has particular interest in structured metaphor as a means of communication with the unconscious mind. Janice has taught both Counselling and Coaching to MSc level at the Universities of Durham, Hull and Lincoln, UK, and is an ethical trainer in NLP. She is a visiting Senior Fellow (Coaching) at the University of Lincoln. Janice holds an MA in Creative Writing and has taught Creative Writing for the University of East Anglia, and has guested at the Universidade Nova in Lisboa. She has written three novels as well as several books and papers in coaching and counselling. Psychology, philosophical principles and beliefs, story and embodied communication are the threads from which she weaves her tapestry of expertise. More information: Yourbusinessinmind

Keziah reads and teaches Tarot, and is an in demand facilitator, using Tarot as a tool for teaching and personal development, and also in organisations where she has developed a programme of Tarot for Business and Communication. She is a budding Storyteller, with a broad interest in world mythology and a specific interest in Celtic myths and stories and stories from the British Isles. Keziah graduated from the University of Leeds with honours in Portuguese Language with Lusophone Culture and Russian Studies, and is a Reiki Master and a Master Practitioner of NLP. She is the developer of The Storytelling Model and the author of Living the Reiki Precepts.More information: Keziah Gibbons

Workshop’s title: Tarot and Story: Creating the Story Within using symbols, archetypes and the unconscious


Rachel and Gabriel Zoran join us from Israel. Rachel is a Bibliotherapist, Lecturer, Therapist, Supervisor. Between 1987-2013 she was a Chair of the Bibliotherapy Training Program at the Faculty of Education of the University of Haifa.

Gabriel is a Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of Haifa, Israel. Masin fields: Ancient Greek literature, theory of literature, German literature, modern Hebrew literature, theory and history of translation. Published also two volumes of fiction and several literary translations. Recent book: Bodies of Speech: Text and textuality in Aristotle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. Fiction: Apple, Pear and Cinamon, five fairy tales [Hebrew], Shoken, Tel Aviv, 1995.

Presentation and Workshop’s title: Orality, Literacy, and Memory: Mental Preservation of Fairy Tales


Alexandra Fidyk serves as Associate Professor in the Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta; Associate Editor of the International Journal of Jungian Studies; Past President of the Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies; and an editorial board member on several educational and Jungian studies journals. She teaches curriculum studies, teacher education, advanced research, and analytic psychology graduate courses.  She consults and teaches with NPEJ, Lisbon. More information: Alexandra Fidyk

Workshop’s title: Meeting the Hag: Living Through the Dark Encounters of Mid-life


Linde ten Broek was born in Amsterdam and is a Children’s Librarian, NLP Master coach, Filmdirector, Wedding Official, Writer and Storyteller. She helps people to reconnect with the heart energy through writing and soul storytelling  in her programs ‘Live your Legend.’ Linde wrote two books (a children’s book and a book about the relationship between mothers and daughters). She loves to co-create with nature, especially with trees and the ocean. She lives in The Netherlands but will move to Portugal very soon. More information: Linde ten Broek

Workshop’s title: Live your legend, create your own story


‘Thank you for another phenomenal year.’

Cristina, Portugal


‘It was a divine feeling when I got connected first with Adriana and then all the participants here. It is one of the most beautiful things which has happened to me in my entire life! Such inspiring personalities and enriching workshops. I have made lifetime friends and I plan to be here every year!’

Samvedna, India


‘Thank you for another WONDERFUL week in Sintra!  It was wonderful and you really do ‘birth’ beautiful projects!’

Martina, Irlanda


‘Thank you for organizing such a beautiful seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly join the next time.

Imke, Países Baixos

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