(Virtual) Cultural Study Trips to Portugal – All year long

(Virtual) Cultural Study Trips to Portugal – All year long

“Travel – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

 Ibn Battuta

Inspired by these words, Moonluza invites you to start planning your (physical) visit to Portugal to learn of its culture, tradition and heritage or to schedule your Visrtual Tour with us.

(Physical) Study trips can be organized all year round, having a specially design programme or embodying cultural tours. The Hans Christian Andersen Tour in Portugal following in the footsteps of the Danish writer, is based on his diary written whilst journeying through the Iberian Peninsula in 1866. Another idea is a short hands-on workshop of Azulejo tile-painting, returning home with hand-made, personal souvenir of this unique Portuguese tradition.

Virtual trips can also be organised at any time, via ZOOM platform. This is our offer of a trip to Portugal, but without physically leaving home. This project has been inspired by the unprecedented situation we are currently going through and which has put our suitcases up to the attic for a while…

„Moonluza’s (virtual) Trail in Portugal” is an invitation for a virtual visit, following our footsteps in Portugal, a virtual meeting, sharing stories, photos, films, tales and offering a possibility of implementing some of the Portuguese dishes at your home. The offer even includes a virtual bath in the Atlantic Ocean, two recipes translated especially for you from the delicious cuisine of Dona Elisabete using some of Salvia and Bay Leaves directly from our garden in Portugal….

Programmes for these trips are a perfect combination of your preferences, our suggestions and faith…

During the stay we provide local assistance and non official translations (English/Portuguese) if needed.

Delve into the beauty of Portugal!

Contact us: info@moonluza.pt